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Automatic updates
01.   Is the F-Secure PC Protection really updated automatically?
Yes. The product is updated automatically. The Automatic Update Agent is activated transparently in the background every time you connect to the Internet. The Automatic Update Agent makes sure that you receive the latest updates to your computer. If your computer is offline when an automatic update is due, the updates are downloaded automatically the next time you connect to the Internet.
02.   Why do F-Secure PC Protection updates take so long to download?
If you have a slow connection, such as a dial-up connection, or if you are browsing other web sites during the update, it may slow down the download speed.
03.   How do I know that I have the latest updates?
When automatic updates are turned on, Automatic Updates keep the product up-to-date any time you are connected to the Internet. You can also check that you have the latest updates. To open the product, double-click the product icon at the bottom right corner of your screen. To check for the latest updates:

1. Click the Automatic Updates tab.
2. Last update check displays the time of the latest update.
3. Click Check now. Automatic Update Agent connects to the Internet and checks for the latest updates. If the protection is not up-to-date, it retrieves the latest updates. Note: If you are using a modem, or have an ISDN connection to the Internet, the connection must be active to check for updates.
04.   How can I check that my computer is protected and that automatic updates are working?
    To open the main user interface, double-click the product icon at the bottom right corner of your screen.

The upper part of the Home tab shows the security status of your computer. For example, when the status is shown as Protected, your computer's protection is up to date.

The security levels of the different security components, for example Normal or High, are shown next to the name of the component.

The lower part of the Home tab shows the date and time of last update check.

By clicking on the tabs on the left you can see the details of all the security components.
The icons show you the status of the program and its security components. If you change program settings, also the icons change.

The icons and their meanings:

A critical security component, for example Virus & Spy Protection, is working properly.

One of the security components is not in use, but your computer is still protected.

A security component or one of its features is disabled, and your computer is not protected. The icon will change back to green when you enable the component again.

Your service subscription has expired.

An error state in the software.