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01.   What is spyware?

Spyware are programs that collect your personal information.
Spyware may collect personal information including:

  • Internet sites you have browsed,
  • e-mail addresses from your computer,
  • passwords, or
  • credit card numbers.

Spyware almost always installs itself without your explicit permission. Spyware may get installed:

  • by tricking you into clicking an option in a misleading pop-up window, or together with a useful program


02.   Is my computer protected against spyware with the F-Secure PC Protection?
    The product uses real-time spyware scanning, which is turned on by default. It is integrated to the antivirus protection. You can also run a separate manual scan for spyware.
03.   An application stopped working after I removed spyware from my computer. What can I do?

Applications that install spyware may stop working if you remove the spyware from the application. You have two options:

  1. Stop using the application and uninstall it.
  2. If you still want to use the application, do the following:
    1. Instead of removing the spyware, move it to the Quarantine.
    2. When you want to use the application, restore the spyware from the Quarantine.

Note: Restored spyware starts to work again and can spy your computer and show advertising pop-ups.

You may also want to deny the spyware from connecting to the Internet by using Application Control in the Internet Shield.



04.   Every time I scan my computer, I find a lot of spyware. Why?
Most likely, the majority of found spyware items are so-called tracking cookies. Cookies are items in the web browser that web sites use to save some information on the user’s computer. Such cookies can compromise your privacy
05.   Why does Thunderbird freeze when sending and receiving e-mail?


When Real-time Scanning scans your mailboxes, it may cause your Thunderbird to freeze. You can try the following:

  1. Exclude your mailbox from Real-time Scanning. For instructions, see How can I exclude a file or folder from Real-time Scanning? All e-mail messages in your mailbox are excluded from real-time scans until you remove the mailbox from the exclusions list.
Check that the security level of Internet Shield is set to Normal. For instructions, see How do I change the security level in the F-Secure PC Protection?.