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Chapter 7: MozyHome Online Account Pages

After logging in at https://mozy.com/login, the Account Home page appears. From there, you can navigate to:
• Account Home
• Get MozyHome
• Restore Files
• Referrals
• My Computers
• My Profile
• Download MozyHome
• Log Out
• MozyHome User Guide
Figure 40: Online Account Page
Additionally, you can view how much space is used in your account as well as the time of your last backup.
The following topics are available:
• Upgrading Your Plan
• Referrals
• My Computers
• My Profile
• Downloading the MozyHome Client
• Logging Out
Upgrading Your Plan
1. From the drop-down menu, select the number of computers you wish to upgrade to MozyHome Unlimited.
2. Select your payment option (for example, monthly, yearly, every two years).
Figure 41: Upgrading Your Plan
3. Click Continue.
4. Confirm your upgrade details and enter your billing information in the fields provided.
5. Click Place Order to finish the upgrade.
50 MozyHome User Guide
MozyHome Online Account Pages
Figure 42: Upgrade Details
Referrals are a handy way to introduce MozyHome online backups to your colleagues, friends, and family while
earning some free space for your own data storage. For each referral who registers and uses MozyHome's software,
you will receive another 256 MB of backup space.
1. Log in to your MozyHome account, then click Referrals in the Account Pages menu on the left side of the
2. Copy and paste into an email the unique URL provided on the Referrals page.
3. Send an email to your desired referrals asking them to try MozyHome's free online backups.
Alternately, you can ask your referrals to enter your unique referral code and your email address when they
register at https://mozy.com/login.
MozyHome Online Account Pages
My Computers
Much like the My Account home page, the My Computers page displays the computers backed up with
MozyHome, the amount of space used and the time of the last backup. You can click Delete to delete your
computers; however, you are not able to retrieve the data previously backed up from that source.
Note: If you have multiple computers registered with MozyHome, you will see My Computers, as in the
image below.
Figure 43: My Computers
My Profile
The My Profile page allows you to change the information you entered when you first registered with MozyHome.
You can change the following information:
• Email address
• Password
• Membership status (delete your account)
• Subscriptions to communications
1. To change your email address:
a) Click Change next to your email address
b) Specify your new email and password in the appropriate fields.
c) Click Submit.
2. To change your password:
a) Click Change.
b) Specify your old password and your new password in the appropriate fields, then confirm the new password
c) Click Change Password.
3. To change your Membership status:
a) Click Delete Account.
b) Enter your password to confirm the deletion.
c) Click Delete Account.
4. To change your subscription to communications, deselect the communication in the list.
52 MozyHome User Guide
MozyHome Online Account Pages
Downloading the MozyHome Client
1. In your browser's address bar, type https://mozy.com/login, then press Enter.
2. Specify your email address and password in the appropriate fields, then click Log In.
3. In the left-hand navigation, click Download Mozy.
4. Click Download for Win.
5. Browse to the location where you want to save the file, then click Save File.
Logging Out
To log out, click Log Out in the Account Pages menu on the left side of the page.
Alternately, click Log Out in the upper right corner of the page while you are logged in to the system.
MozyHome Online Account Pages