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Chapter 1: Overview
Registering for MozyHome Free
Registering for MozyHome Unlimited

Chapter 2: Installing MozyHome
Downloading the MozyHome Client
Installing the MozyHome Client
Using the Configuration Wizard
Configuring Encryption
Managing Your Own Key
Selecting Backup Sets
Configuring Bandwidth
Selecting Your Backup Speed

Chapter 3: Using Advanced Configuration
Selecting Backup Sets
Creating Custom Backup Sets
Setting Up Rules
Editing Backup Sets
Using the File System Tab to Select Backup Content
Adding Files and Folders Through Windows Explorer
About Deleting, Moving, and Renaming Files
Scheduling Backups
Configuring an Automatic Backup
Configuring a Scheduled Backup
Configuring Options
Bandwidth Throttling
Backup Speed
Proxy Configuration
About the History
Viewing Backup and Restore History
About Restoring Files
Changing the Location of Temporary Files

Chapter 4: Using the Status Window
Using the Status Window

Chapter 5: About Restoring Files
Performing a Restore Using the Restore Tab
Using the MozyHome Virtual Drive
Right-Click Restores
Restoring from the Web
Restoring Files from the Web Using the File System
Restoring Files from the Web Using Backup Sets
Downloading Restored Files
Decrypting Restored Files Using Your Own Private Key

Chapter 6: Replacing a Computer

Chapter 7: MozyHome Online Account Pages
Upgrading Your Plan.
My Computers
My Profile
Downloading the MozyHome Client
Logging Out

Chapter 8: Uninstalling MozyHome